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Neurohistory Workshop at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Munich and cosponsored by the Munich Center for Neurosciences

Please find a program here and a conference summary here and below:

How can neuroscience help us understand the past?

Disciplines can make major advances when they synthesize their ideas and methods with those of other disciplines. This workshop focuses on the ways in which neuroscience might help us understand history (and, ideally, vice versa). Following the lead of Daniel Smail (Deep History and the Brain, 2008), we refer to this synthesis as neurohistory.

  • What ideas and methods have neuroscientists developed that historians can use to shed a new light on the past (and vice versa)?
  • What new research questions can neuroscience suggest for historians (and vice versa)?
  • What are the biggest challenges in developing neurohistory as a field, and how can they be overcome?
  • How might neurohistory shed light on the interaction between people and their environment, in both the past and the present?

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